Vector Architect

Vector Architect is a lightweight graphics editor for composing XAML images — the vector image format used by Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight and other UI frameworks.

A simple UI provides easy access to every tool. Users can create shapes, toggle and reorder layers, edit gradients, or pick colors without ever switching windows.

Unrestricted curve editing allows manipulation of every node of every curve, regardless of whether it came from a shape, a preset image, or a fonts.

Live preview for every tool lets you see changes in realtime, rather than making selections in separate dialog boxes.

Vector Architect's primary format is .xaml. There are no extra "project" files or Vector Architect specific files to keep around; saved files can be used right away in XAML-based applications. For application icons, website images, or any other non-XAML platforms, images can be directly exported to various raster formats.

Vector Architect was one of very few 3rd party XAML graphics editors. In addition to being sold as a standalone graphics editor, the internals of Vector Architect were also licensed to a few 3rd parties as a WPF control. The Vector Architect component provides vector graphics capabilities to several applications, ranging from interior design on the desktop to avatar editors on Windows Phone.